Frequently asked questions

What do I receive when I purchase a plan package?

Each home plan comes with a cover sheet including a rendering - elevations of the home on all sides detailing the exterior features - a foundation plan - floor plans fully dimensioned - a basic electrical plan - a ceiling joist framing plan - a roof plan - & most plans will have cross sections and details.

Can I return the home plans?

Returns are not made on plan purchases due to the customers ability to make a copy of the plans once recieved.

Do your house plans meet building codes in my area?

Yes, these plans should generally meet building codes in your area, all of our plans are drawn using the latest version of the international residential building code. however due to regional differences you may need to seek out a local engineer who can add details for things like wind loads , snow loads , sesmic and foundation footing.

Do you offer modification services for your house plans? What is the process?

Yes, we will modify any of our plans in any way to make them fit your needs. We will qoute you on the price to change them including the purchase price of the plans. We are very competitive in our pricing and aim to keep charges for changes reasonable. Please email us and let us know what you would like to change.

Can my home plan be flipped, mirrored or reversed to suit my lot?

Flipping a plan is an easy change, that takes minimal time, we have a small fee for the change.

Do you offer custom house plan design services?

Yes we can completely custom design a home for your needs and your specific lot area. Contact us for a quote.

Once I have purchased my home design, how many times may I build the plan?

All plans are copyright protected and can only be built one instance per purchase.

How do I estimate building costs?

House plans should be taken to a local licensed home builder who can prepare an estimate to build in your area.

Are house plans previews available without a house plan purchase?

if you wish to preview the plans we may be able to arrange a preview set, you must first contact our office and provide your information.

What is the exterior wall construction (2x4 or 2x6)?

Our home designs are based on 2 x 4" framed wall construction. If you wish to change to 6" wall framing we can make those modifications easily and very affordably.

Where are the water heater and furnace shown on the house plans?

Mechanical systems are designed and located by those respective trade providers.

How is the total living square footage determined?

We calculate the heated area of the home from the outside perimeter of the wall, the same way most real estate appraisers measure existing homes.

What are the ceiling heights in your house plans?

Most of our plans are 9 foot tall ceilings, some are 10 feet.

What are the dimensions of each room in your floor plans?

The dimensions of the room sizes shown on the floor plan renderings should be read by the first number being the width and second number being the depth

Are your plans structurally designed?

Our home plans are designed to be structurally sound, however load bearing beams will be required in certain areas and the plans should be taken to a local building supply company capable of engineering structural beams.

Are your home plans stamped or sealed?

Most cities and towns do not require an architectual stamp. Our house plan designs are created by designers and are not stamped by an architect or engineer.

My builder needs a CAD file or a dwg file for engineering purposes, how can I recieve those files?

If you purchase a CAD file of an entire plan, we will send the entire plan in AUTOCAD format so any engineer or architect can more easily make changes.

How many construction copies do I need?

Typically you need two copies for the bank, two for your city or county building department, one for your plumber, framer and builder, and of course yourself.